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Cambridge Area EMSInter-facility Transfer

We can provide ambulance transport service for patients needing transfer to another facility.  

Contact the EMS Office for information or to request a non-emergent transport.


Call: 608-423-3511

Cambridge Area EMSReferrals to the Community Health Program

The role of Cambridge Emergency Medical Technicians is evolving.

While continuing to operate primarily as 911 emergency responder, we intend to better support, educate and empower residents to improve their overall health and satisfaction within the healthcare systems. The program enlists many providers, Paramedics and RNs, who have extensive experience in patient care and connections to inpatient and outpatient resources.

Patients who are frequent users of emergency and primary medical services and who might benefit from increased time spent in medical management are prime candidates for our service.

We can make home visits to help your patient understand management of their disease, illness or injury and review medication use.  We are in touch with networks of social services which may benefit your patient.

We will partner with all healthcare providers to be your eyes and ears at your patient’s home.

If you would like to refer a patient to us, please call us at 608-423-3511 and we will discuss how we can improve the effectiveness of your medical management. There is no charge for this service.